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Wall Germander Teucrium chamaedrys Plant One Gallon Size

Wall Germander Teucrium chamaedrys Plant One Gallon Size

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Wall Germander Teucrium chamaedrys Plant One Gallon Size

Teucrium chamaedrys (Wall Germander) - This low-growing evergreen dark green subshrub grows 2 feet tall and spreads 2-3 feet by underground rhizomes. It has small leaves that have deeply serrated edges and in late spring into summer, spikes of magenta-pink colored flowers rise above the foliage. Plant in full sun and water occasionally. Thrives in heat and most any soil and is hardy to 0 degrees F. Lightly shear in late winter to keep dense and neat.

A great clean looking plant for a low hedge or edging plant and attractive to bees and butterflies. This plant that was once valued for folk medicinal qualities in the treatment of gout, inflammation, respiratory and stomach ailments but less so now as it is recognized that its use risks liver damage.

This plant has a widespread distribution throughout Europe from the Balearic Islands on the Mediterranean Sea north to Holland, west to Portugal and east to Turkey and central Russia. The name for the genus has several possible derivations but most likely it is from the Greek name Teucer, a king of Troy, who is said to have used the plant medicinally.

The specific epithet is from the Greek words 'khamai' meaning "ground" and 'drus' meaning "oak" and the common name also has a similar meaning as it was derived from the Latin word 'germandra' that has a similar meaning, both in reference to the leaves that do resemble little oak leaves.

You will receive one well rooted plant. Your plant will be shipped with the roots wrapped in damp paper towels and with plastic and ready to plant upon arrival. The plant will be between 8 to 10 inches in height with well-developed roots. These plants have been growing in one gallon containers. Planting guidelines will also be included.

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