We are a licensed plant nursery that grows and sells a wide variety of plants.

Refund Policy 

We will guarantee live plant delivery; however, once the plant is under your care, it is up to you to care for it. We will not refund plants that have died and are not under our care. A picture of the damaged or dead plant is required to move forward on a refund or replacement. We respectfully ask that you contact us within 24 hours. Customers are responsible for the cost of postage to return the plants. Happy customers are important to us.  However, please be reasonable, we cannot guarantee that every seed, cutting, or plant will succeed.

Please always research before buying if you are unfamiliar with a new variety of plant. If you buy cuttings from us, please also research how to root them. We make no guarantees that all cuttings will root and will not refund if the cuttings did not take root.


We do not accept returns or cancellations after the plants have been shipped. Request a cancellation before item has shipped and before tracking is generated/provided to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the size the plants?

The plants are growing in 4”, one gallon, and five gallon containers in the nursery and are typically shipped without the container. The roots and some soil are wrapped with damp paper towels and plastic. The four inch containers are rooted starter plants that range from two to six inches.  The one and five gallon plants are larger more mature established plants.

How can I know when they will arrive?

You will be emailed the day they are shipped. The email will contain a confirmation and tracking number.

What is the shipping time?

We try to provide fast shipping, typically within one week after your order; however, during the rush spring that may take longer. We will make note of that on the listing. 

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

If your item is damaged during shipping and unusable for any reason, just email us a picture and we will provide a full refund.  Also, if for whatever reason the item does not meet your expectations upon delivery, let us know why, and we will refund you. Customers are responsible for the cost of postage to return the plants.

Are all plants from our nursery edible?

Although we sell a wide variety of edible plants, not all plants we grow are edible. We grow and sell other landscape plants as well. Please do your own research concerning any questions you may have regarding a plant’s specific edible characteristics.