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Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) "King Henry"

Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) "King Henry"

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Dionaea muscipula Venus Fly Trap "King Henry" was created by Don Elkins and is one of the biggest Venus flytrap I've seen. It's vibrant green with red traps make a beautiful contrast, but the real gem is the size they get when fully mature. Don definitely did an awesome job when he made this Venus flytrap.

You'll get a SIMILAR plant to the one in the pictures (not the same plant).

Shipped with First class mail. Plants are shipped in a 2.5" pot, they are young plants [about 2-3" across]. Comes with care instructions.

Dionaea muscipula 
Plant size Between 2-3" in diameter
Light Full sun
Potting medium Peat & perlite or pure peat
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Use the tray method
Humidity 50-85%
Temperature 65-80°F during Spring and Summer and 35-55°F in colder months
Mature plant size Depends on plant's care
Dormancy During winter (colder months). Please provide less water during this period.
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