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Silver Lady Fern Blechnum gibbum Plant 1 Gallon Container Size

Silver Lady Fern Blechnum gibbum Plant 1 Gallon Container Size

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Silver Lady Fern Blechnum gibbum Plant Large 5 Gallon Container Size

The Silver Lady Fern belongs to the Ferns family. While Silver Lady Fern is the most common name, the official scientific name is Blechnum gibbum. The scientific name helps lots of people separate one plant from another in the Ferns family.

These plants thrive best with the conditions found in nearly all households as well as workplaces. With the correct sunlight, amount of water and humidity level, your Silver Lady Fern can certainly live well too. The Silver Lady Fern is absolutely a good option as a houseplant. With the best mix of lighting, watering, temperature and humidity, you can help your Silver Lady Fern thrive.

Keeping Silver Lady Fern as a houseplant or in the garden

The ideal potting medium is one that drains well but is easy to keep moist (not wet). Compost-enriched and slightly acidic soil is recommended, and mulching can be used to retain moist.

The Silver Lady Fern enjoys a bit of bright light, but not strong direct sunlight. It is known to thrive in shaded and semi-shaded areas where it recieves indirect or filtered bright light that wont scorch the foliage.
Since it is very fond of moist air, it loves being planted next to streams, ponds and other water features in the garden. Inside the home, it can benefit from having its pot stand on top of pebbles in a tray of water during the growth season.

Your plant will be between 1 to 2  feet in height with well-developed roots. These plants have been growing in 1 gallon containers.


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