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Black Sage

Black Sage

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Salvia Mellifera 'Black Sage'

Discover Salvia Mellifera Black Sage plant, boasting year-round aromatic foliage and highly fragrant purple blooms. This hardy one-gallon variety is perfect for sunny locations and will reach heights of 2 - 4 feet in two to three seasons. Enjoy the visual interest of these striking sages that can thrive in a variety of soil types.

Black Sage is a perennial that prefers full sun. Black Sage has aromatic foliage of wrinkled, dark green leaves with paler undersides and thrives in well-drained soils. The light blue, white, or lavender flowers with compact whorls bloom from mid-spring to mid-summer, appearing on tall stems. It has an openly branched, spreading growth habit and is suitable for banks, slopes, beds, borders, and hedges. Its crushed leaves and stems are used as a mint-flavored condiment.

Growing Black Sage

  • Plant in a location with full sun exposure, ensuring it receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily for optimal growth and flowering.
  • Provide well-draining soil, such as sandy or rocky soil, to prevent waterlogging and root rot, promoting healthy root development.
  • Water sparingly, as Black Sage is drought-tolerant once established and prefers dry conditions.
  • Prune lightly after flowering to maintain its shape, remove dead or damaged branches, and encourage bushier growth.
  • Black Sage is native to California and thrives in USDA zones 8-10, making it well-suited for Mediterranean climates. It attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies to the garden.

Shipping Info

The plant will be approximately 10 to 12 inches in height with well-developed roots. These plants have been growing in one gallon containers. They will be shipped without the containers. The roots and soil will be dampened and covered in plastic wrap prior to shipping. They will be ready to plant upon arrival.

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