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Mona Lavender

Mona Lavender

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Plectranthus X Plepalila Mona Lavender

The Plectranthus X Plepalila Mona Lavender plant is a unique and versatile plant, perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. With its striking purple flowers and compact size, it adds a pop of color and elegance to any environment. Its low water needs make it an easy and low-maintenance addition to your collection. Mona Lavender looks alluring in borders, baskets, and patios. It ha  showy purple flowers similar in shape to orchids that bloom in spring, summer, and fall. The perennial shrub displays rich dark green leaves with purple hues on the inner side. 

Growing Mona Lavender

  • Mona Lavender (Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender') is a striking perennial valued for its vibrant purple flowers and glossy foliage.
  • It thrives in partial shade to full sun, making it adaptable to various garden conditions.
  • Well-draining soil is essential for its health, preventing water-logging and root rot.
  • Regular watering, especially during dry spells, helps maintain optimal growth and flowering.
  • Mona Lavender is a standout in borders, containers, and mixed beds, adding a splash of color and texture to any landscape.

Shipping Info

These plants have been growing in one gallon containers. They will be shipped without the containers. The roots and soil will be dampened and covered in plastic wrap prior to shipping. They will be ready to plant upon arrival.

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