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Othonna Capensis Ruby Necklace Plant One Gallon Size

Othonna Capensis Ruby Necklace Plant One Gallon Size

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This Othonna Capensis Ruby Necklace Plant is ideal for gardeners looking for a unique way to add color to their outdoor spaces. Its showy flowers and cascading growth make it a great addition to any garden. This one-gallon size has plenty of room to grow and thrive.

Othonna Capensis is a succulent herbaceous perennial plant that prefers bright light and enjoys free-draining soils. It has thin, oval-shaped, bright ruby-red leaves. Little Pickles is a perfect addition to your landscape.

Ideal for USDA Zone 3

Prefers bright light

Bright ruby-red leaves

Fragrant Blossoms

Prefers moist, well-drained soils

The plant will be approximately two inches in height with well-developed roots. These plants have been growing in one gallon containers.  They will be shipped without the containers.  The roots and soil will be dampened and covered in plastic wrap prior to shipping. They will be ready to plant upon arrival.

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