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Eriogonum fasciculatum -California Buckwheat Plant One Gallon Size

Eriogonum fasciculatum -California Buckwheat Plant One Gallon Size

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Eriogonum fasciculatum -California Buckwheat

Your plant will be shipped with the roots wrapped in damp paper towels and with plastic and ready to plant upon arrival. The plant will be between 5” to 6” in height with well-developed roots. Planting guidelines will also be included.

A 1-3′ high shrub with rounded, ball-like clusters of small pinkish-white flowers in summer which age to a rust color by fall. Buckwheats support many pollinators including bees, butterflies, and beetles. Grows well in rocky soils. Prefers full sun.

The tea from leaves are used for head and stomach pains Liquor made from flowers for eye wash young stems of most species may be eaten.

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