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Dragon Wing Begonia Plant

Dragon Wing Begonia Plant

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Dragon Wing Begonia Plant One Gallon Size

The Dragon Wing Begonia is a specialty hybrid Begonia line offered by plant nursery Proven Winners. Dragon Wing® Begonias are varieties of Angelwing Begonias. These plants grow very well in warm temperatures and are very tolerant of heat provided they have enough water and are in a partial shade to shade location. Dragon Wing Begonias will overflow their containers with flowers all summer when well cared for.

The Dragon Wing Begonia is a luscious houseplant with bell-shaped bright red or pink flowers. This tropical beauty is a hybrid plant with pointed leaves and fibrous root systems, perfect for indoor and outdoor conditions.

You will receive one well rooted plant. Your plant will be shipped with the roots wrapped in damp paper towels and with plastic and ready to plant upon arrival. The plant will be between 3 to 4 inches in height with well-developed roots. These plants have been growing in 4 inch containers. Planting guidelines will also be included.


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