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Dicksonia antarctica Fern One Gallon Size

Dicksonia antarctica Fern One Gallon Size

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Dicksonia antarctica Fern

Dicksonia antarctica is a evergreen tree fern native to Australia and Tasmania. When cultivated in the garden it can slowly grow to 15 feet (4.572 M) tall and 8 to 12 feet wide with an erect rhizome forming a trunk. Large fronds that are glossy dark green bipinnate to tripinnate with a rough texture can reach up to 10 feet (3.04 M) in length.

Fronds can be sterile or fertile usually alternating that spread out into a canopy. Sori are very small and round only 1 mm in diameter, other tree fern sori can be 4 to 5 mm. It takes about 20 years before it will produce spores.

Growing a Dicksonia Fern

Plant in a moist but well drained organic loose soil, this fern resents completely drying out. Avoid watering the crown in winter. Needs winter protection where temperatures get below freezing by wrapping the top portion of the trunk with several layers of fleece or burlap and protect the top of the fern from freezing by adding straw. Strong prevailing winds will damage fronds.

Plant in a protected area with part sun for best results. The wetter the soil the more sun it can tolerate. Makes a great container plant. Trim fronds only after turning brown no closer than 6 inches to the trunk. This will help promote a healthier wider and taller trunk.

Your plant will be approximately one foot in height with well-developed roots. The plants will be shipped without the containers. The roots will be damped and covered with some soil and plastic.


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