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Coral Beauty Cotoneaster Plant One Gallon Size

Coral Beauty Cotoneaster Plant One Gallon Size

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Coral Beauty Cotoneaster Plant One Gallon Size

This Coral Beauty Cotoneaster Plant is perfect for adding a touch of color and beauty to any garden or landscape. With its vibrant coral-colored leaves and lush foliage, it's sure to make a statement. Plus, it's available in a convenient one gallon size for easy planting and maintenance. Enhance your outdoor space with this stunning plant today.

Botanical Name: Cotoneaster dammeri 'Coral Beauty' Common Name: Coral Beauty Cotoneaster

A low evergreen shrub with trailing stems that root as they touch the ground. Bright glossy green leaves densely cloak the branches. Tiny white flowers are followed by abundant coral-red berries. Attracts birds and bees.

USDA Zone: Zones 5 - 8

Sunset Zone: Zones 2 - 24

Mature Height: 1 - 2 feet

Mature Width: 5 - 6 feet

Light Needs: Full Sun, Filtered Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade, Shade

Water Needs: Low, Moderate

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