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Blue Java Ice Cream Banana Plant

Blue Java Ice Cream Banana Plant

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Blue Java Ice Cream Banana

Ice cream banana? It sounds almost too good to be true. But the blue java banana, also called ice cream bananas, is an incredible fruit. An ice cream banana is initially blue while on the plant, but ripens into a creamy yellow color. And did I mention that it tastes like vanilla ice cream?

Slightly gooey in comparison to other banana types, these are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. While they grow naturally in Hawaii or other tropical regions, more and more people in warm climates are starting to grow their own blue java bananas.

These plants are a fantastic addition to any food garden, but they’re pretty amazing even if you just want a tropical paradise in your yard. The flower is astounding, and the fact that you get fresh fruit from it so much the better. So let’s talk about the ice cream banana plant and how to care for it!

How to Grow an Ice Cream Banana

All bananas love water. You’ll find these tropicals to be thirsty! However, they don’t tolerate standing water anywhere near as well. Ensure your soil is very well-draining and that it doesn’t pool up around the plant during rain.  If you’d prefer, place a soaker hose the base and allow it to do a long, deep soaking.

Water deeply on a daily or every-other-day basis. During the summer, it’s likely to be daily. The rest of the year, skip watering if it rains significantly, and water every other day if it hasn’t been raining. 

Your plant will be approximately 2 to 3 inches in height with well-developed roots. These starter plants have been growing in 4” containers, but will be shipped without them. The roots will be protected with some soil and sealed in a plastic bag. They are ready to plant up in arrival.


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