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Anemone X Hybrida Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone Plant 1 Gallon Size

Anemone X Hybrida Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone Plant 1 Gallon Size

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The Anemone X Hybrida Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone Plant is a beautiful perennial with attractive white flowers. The 1 Gallon Size makes it ideal for planting in a variety of garden beds and can grow up to 30 inches in height. This majestic plant will bring a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Botanical Name: Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert', A. x hybrida 'Alba' Common Name: Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone, Windflower

Anemone X Hybrida Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone is a compact perennial plant with mounding growth. It requires full to filtered exposure. Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone has dark green, deeply cut leaves. The pure white flowers bloom on upright stems in late summer. Honorine Jobert' Japanese Anemone is suitable for beds and borders and prefers rich, moist, acidic to neutral soil.

A semi-evergreen perennial with clumping, fibrous roots and lobed, glossy green foliage. Upright, wiry stems carry single, saucer-shaped flowers. Petal-like sepals are white and stamens are golden-yellow. Blooms from late summer through fall. Flowers provide nutrient-rich pollen for butterflies and bees. Spent flowers form white, cottony seedheads. Creeping underground roots will naturalize plantings over time.

USDA Zone: Zones 4 - 8

Sunset Zone: Zones 2B - 24

Mature Height: 3 - 4 feet

Mature Width: 3 - 4 feet

Light Needs: Filtered Sun, Partial Shade, Shade

Water Needs: Regular

The plant will be approximately 5 to 7 inches in height with well-developed roots. These plants have been growing in one gallon containers.  They will be shipped without the containers.  The roots and soil will be dampened and covered in plastic wrap prior to shipping. They will be ready to plant upon arrival.

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