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4 Persian Black Mulberry Tree Cuttings

4 Persian Black Mulberry Tree Cuttings

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4 Persian Black Mulberry Tree Cuttings

You will receive 4 fresh cuttings. These are taken from a healthy heavy producing tree. Rooting instructions will also be provided. The cuttings will be approximately 6 to 7 inches long.

Persian Black Mulberry Tree

The Black Beauty Mulberry produces a large, tasty blackberry-like fruit that is sweet and juicy. This is the smallest of the mulberry trees offered, growing to 15 feet or so. The Black Beauty Mulberry, like all the other mulberries, is self-fertile and ripens over an extended period in early summer (Late May to Early June) Grows best in zones: 4 - 10 

Plant your tree in full sun to enjoy a delightful display of flowers around May.  Then, it quickly sets fruit.  You'll pick a surprising amount of berries, and while they're absolutely delicious right off the vine, you can preserve them to enjoy throughout the year.  Mulberries make tasty jams, jellies and taste amazing in pies.

Awesome Shade Tree 

It's not just a prolific producer of luscious fruit - the Black Beauty Mulberry quickly matures into a stately ornamental tree. Swiftly reaching heights up to 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide, it's a magnificent site.  Featuring large heart-shaped leaves, some sculpted with lobes, it's a beautiful tree that offers year-round interest.

The bark on younger trees is typically an attractive orangish color, maturing to gray-brown.  You'll gain significant shade from the sun during the summer months, saving you money on your electric bills, while letting in much-needed sunlight during the winter.

Low Maintenance

Don't be fooled by its beauty or ability to produce a massive amount of fruit. It's not complicated to own this tree at all!  We've groomed it here at our nursery until it's ready for your landscape.  Just plant it and enjoy watching it flower and fruit the first year. Our Black Beauty Mulberry trees are drought tolerant and extremely sturdy - able to tolerate high winds, extreme heat, poor soil, and pollution.  If you want a fruit tree that doubles as an attractive ornamental, then we highly recommend this tree.  

How to Root Black Mulberry Tree Cuttings

This is the process we use to create new trees from cuttings:
We take  softwood cuttings in early summer, or semi-ripe cuttings in late summer. (Softwood cuttings are new growth that is still pliable; semi-ripe are those same stems, but by the end of summer are developing bark at the base where they 
meet the limb.) 

We cut a stem that's about 8‚ÄĚ to 10‚ÄĚ long, remove the lower leaves,¬†dip the cut end in rooting¬†hormone and place it in the ground¬†or in a pot filled with moistened growing medium. Mulberry¬†should root readily and you'll know roots have developed¬†when new leaves appear along the¬†stem or at the top of the cutting. ¬†Rinse and repeat and you have another tree.

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