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4 LSU Purple Fig Plants

4 LSU Purple Fig Plants

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LSU Purple Fig (Ficus carica)

You will receive 4 Well-Rooted Starter Plants!

Our small starter LSU fig plants for sale are currently growing between 4-8ā€ tall. Each plant is lab grown from tissue cultures to be a disease free plant. Cuttings could carry any diseases the donor plants may have and with older donor plants, which is not the case with lab tested culture grown plants.

Louisiana purple figs are considered AAA+ fresh eating variety of figs. The fruit is a brilliant purple with a red flesh and is widely-considered an all around great variety.

Growing LSU Figs

LSU Purple fig is a very reliable, prolific producer of early to late delicious figs. One of the best figs to come along for some time. Excellent for containers, producing early figs as soon as growth starts. Very acclimated to the fluctuating weather and does great in zomes 7-11. The figs are usually best to pick a few days after fruit turns black, wrinkles and elongates.

These are deciduous trees, meaning they will go dormant during the colder months, generally beginning late Fall through early Spring. If you are purchasing such tree during the tree's dormancy period, the tree will arrive either a) with leaves, but the leaves will fall off soon (pre-dormancy), b) with yellowing/browning leaves, and the leaves will fall off soon (dormancy starting), or c) without any leaves (tree already dormant). The plants will take off when the weather warms up.


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