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2 White Genoa Fig Cuttings

2 White Genoa Fig Cuttings

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2 White Genoa Fig Cuttings

You will receive two freshly-cut White Genoa Fig cuttings taken from a healthy mother tree. The cuttings will be wrapped in damp paper towels and plastic wrap.

The White Genoa fig is a delicious flavored green skinned fig with pale rose pulp. This fig is super sweet and delicious. The White Genoa fig tree is well adapted to cooler coastal climates. A heirloom fig with sweet and meaty amber flesh.  It has green yellow skin. 

This tree will produce fruit twice a year, once in spring and in fall.  Excellent fresh, dried or canned. It can reach a height of up to fifteen feet.  This tree goes deciduous in the winter. The White Genoa Fig, originally from Northern Italy, ripens in cooler regions and can ripen a second crop if given a warm September. Sweet, yellowish green skinned figs are medium to large, amber flesh. It grows best in Zones 7-9.

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