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2 Strawberry Verte Fig Cuttings

2 Strawberry Verte Fig Cuttings

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Two Strawberry Verte Fig Cuttings** SUPER SWEET

You will receive two freshly-cut Strawberry Verde Fig cuttings taken from a healthy mother tree. The cuttings will be wrapped in damp paper towels and plastic wrap.

Strawberry Verte Fig

Strawberry Verte produces two prolific crops of green, medium sized figs with deep, strawberry red pulp.  Beautiful contrast of colors.  The skin is a little thicker than most but very easy to bite into.  Solid interior with no cavity.  Very jammy with a pleasing texture and seed crunch.  Wonderful rich fig flavor with hints of berries. These figs are sweet through and through.  Small eye and a high resistence to insects, souring and splitting.  They are also a variety for potted culture and no pollination is required.

Sweet Figs

We are huge fans of green figs with intense red pulp and we find that Strawberry Verte is in the ‚ÄėAdriatic‚Äô family of figs, very similar to Chico Strawberry, Adriatic (JH), Paradiso, Verte, Calvert, Rockaway Green, Osborne Prolific (UCD)¬†and Green Ischia. ¬†Although it most closely resembles Battaglia Green or Sandy‚Äôs Strawberry Verte which are one in the same. ¬†Here in Southern California Zone 10, Strawberry Verte is a consistent, heavy bearer and definitely in our top varieties based on flavor and texture alone. ¬†

It‚Äôs one of the varieties that falls into the category we call ‚Äėbutterknife figs‚Äô. ¬†That means you can literally scoop the pulp out with a butterknife and spread it on a piece of toast. ¬†Delicious! ¬†Waiting to pick the fruit at just the right time is key and the fig has to be dead ripe; cracked and wrinkled skin that darkens up a little, very limp, heavy and soft. ¬†


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