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10 Fresh Purple Frederick Passion Fruit Cuttings

10 Fresh Purple Frederick Passion Fruit Cuttings

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10 Fresh Purple Frederick Passion Fruit Cuttings

Here's why you'll love the Passion Fruit:

• Beautiful, climbing plant with incredible purple flowers
• Vigorous grower achieving 20 feet of annual growth
• Gorgeous purple fruit with refreshing tart flavor
• Versatile plant makes an excellent fence screen

Discover your Passion with this incredible Plant

Climbing to heights of 20 feet each year, the fast growing Passion Fruit plant features a variety of benefits that continue to make it a favorite among enthusiasts. Combining beauty with a unique looking and delicious fruit, the Passion Fruit plant climbs quickly along trellises or fencing. The leathery leaves cover the plant in a glossy green that makes a very good screen.

Named for its fragrant, purplish flowers said to resemble the crown of thorns, the incredible blooms are so visually appealing, they resemble the ornate images in a kaleidoscope. Add to that the wonder of the fruit itself. As it makes its transition from green to purple, the Passion Fruit's perfectly round form takes on an almost copper hue. When it ripens, the deep purple color enhances the green leaves for a spectacular show for all to admire.

Passion Fruit Looks and Tastes Like No Other

Chances are, if you roam your neighborhood market in search of a Passion Fruit you'll come out disappointed. Now, with the ability to grow this rare gem in your own garden, you'll be able to appreciate a fruit that includes all the wonderful flavors of some of the most satisfying fruit in the world. Combining hints of guava, papaya, pineapple, mango and citrus, the Passion Fruit is one of the most aromatic and flavorful fruits imaginable.

With some varieties growing as large as grapefruits, the inner pulp is as unique looking as it tastes. Refreshing and slightly tart at first, the fruit becomes sweeter, exhibiting more of the complex flavors as it ripens. Although it's perfect for eating fresh off the vine, many fans create their own Passion Fruit dressings, desserts, fresh fruit juices and even culinary classics like Monkfish with Passion Fruit sauce.

You will receive 10 Frederick Purple Passion Fruit Vine Passiflora edulis cuttings.

Please research on how to root these cuttings. There are a variety of methods. It's your responsibility to successfully root. I am not guaranteeing these will root. We’ve been successful using rooting hormone and placing the cuttings in course builder’s sand.

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