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Sugar Dragon Fruit Hylocereus guatemalensis X ROOTED Plant

Sugar Dragon Fruit Hylocereus guatemalensis X ROOTED Plant

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Sugar Dragon Fruit Hylocereus guatemalensis X

You will receive 1 ROOTED Sugar dragon fruit plant between four and five nches long. (See Picture) The plant will be shipped with growing instructions.

Super Sweet Sugar Dragon Fruit

Sugar Dragon is a hybrid variety that comes from Hylocereus guatemalensis and another unknown species. This Dragon Fruit hybrid produces small half-pound to three-quarter pound oval-shaped fruit. The external appearance of the fruit is red with tiny deep green, almost brown fins. The inner flesh is a bright red purplish color with a semi-firm texture that is very sweet. The first fruit tested in 2019 had an average brix score of 18, but research has stated a mature plant can produce fruit with a score in the twenties.

The flowers are of Sugar Dragon are plentiful, fragrant, and self-fertile. Pollen is also used widely to assist in pollinating self-sterile varieties. Sugar Dragon is a robust grower with meaty stems that are olive green in color. Thick small spines occur along the rib line of each stem.

The Sugar Dragon Dragon Fruit variety is a clone created by Paul Thomson called 8-S initially. It was a cross using the Houghton and Rixford varieties.

The 8-S seedlings were later renamed Voodoo Child by a nursery in Florida. Then a few years after that 8-S was renamed by a grower in California Sugar Dragon. Both Sugar and Voodoo Child resemble one another and are very similar to there parent, which is Houghton variety.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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