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1 Coast Redwood Tree Sequoia sempervirens  Seedling

1 Coast Redwood Tree Sequoia sempervirens  Seedling

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Coast Redwood Tree Sequoia sempervirens

One of the West’s most famous native trees, the Sequoia sempervirens are considered the tallest trees on earth but will only reach 70 to 90 feet when planted in its non-native range and in some cases will only reach 50 feet.

It is commonly called the Coast Redwood, and it is considered a fine landscaping tree because of its stately appearance, always fresh-looking and woodsy. This is an excellent evergreen and should not be overlooked because of its giant sizes found its native growing range.

You will receive 1 Coast Redwood tree seedling.

Your tree will be between 2 to 4 inched in height with well-developed roots.

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