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Yellow Passion Fruit Yellow Granadilla (P. Laurifolia)

Yellow Passion Fruit Yellow Granadilla (P. Laurifolia)

Passion fruit is a climbing vine that grows vigorously.  It has tendrils that latch onto almost anything for support.  It can easily take over a 20 foot fence during a single growing season.  It’s considered a perennial, but generally only lives about 5 to 7 years.  They typically flower and fruit  within one to three years.

The flowers of yellow passion fruit are fragrant and about two to three inches wide.  They are frequently pollinated by carpenter bees.  They have a slightly larger fruit then the purple variety.  The taste of yellow passion fruit has been described as sweet to tart with hints of guava.  The pulp is less acidic than purple and the juice content is about 35% higher. 

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