Snow Lady Shasta Daisy

Snow Lady Shasta Daisy

Discover the Enchantment of Snow Lady Shasta Daisy for Your Garden

Are you dreaming of a garden filled with elegant, pure white blooms that captivate the eye and soothe the soul? Look no further than the Snow Lady Shasta Daisy. This perennial beauty is a must-have for any garden enthusiast, and today, we’re diving into what makes this flower so special and how you can bring its charm to your outdoor space.

What Makes Snow Lady Shasta Daisy Special?

The Snow Lady Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum × superbum ‘Snow Lady’) is a standout variety of the classic Shasta Daisy. Known for its compact size, it grows to about 10-12 inches tall, making it perfect for both garden beds and container gardening. Here are a few reasons why Snow Lady Shasta Daisy should be on your gardening wishlist:

1. Pure White Petals: The Snow Lady boasts pristine white petals surrounding a bright yellow center, creating a striking contrast that brightens any garden.
2. Extended Blooming Season: Enjoy its beauty from late spring through summer. With regular deadheading, you can extend its blooming period even further.
3. Low Maintenance: Ideal for busy gardeners, Snow Lady is drought-tolerant once established and resistant to most pests and diseases.
4. Attracts Pollinators: These daisies are not only beautiful but also beneficial for the ecosystem, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden.

Planting and Caring for Snow Lady Shasta Daisy

Bringing Snow Lady into your garden is a straightforward process. Here’s how to plant and care for this lovely perennial:


• Location: Choose a sunny spot as Snow Lady thrives in full sun, though it can tolerate partial shade.
• Soil: Well-drained soil is essential. Amend your garden bed with compost if necessary to improve drainage.
• Spacing: Plant them about 12-18 inches apart to give each plant enough room to grow.


• Watering: Water regularly after planting until established. Once mature, Snow Lady is drought-tolerant but benefits from occasional watering during dry periods.
• Fertilizing: A light application of balanced fertilizer in the spring can promote vigorous growth and abundant blooms.
• Deadheading: Remove spent blooms to encourage new flowers and extend the blooming season.

Design Ideas with Snow Lady Shasta Daisy

Incorporate Snow Lady Shasta Daisy into your garden design for a touch of classic elegance. Here are some creative ideas:

• Border Planting: Use Snow Lady along garden borders to create a clean, defined edge.
• Container Gardens: Perfect for patios and balconies, plant Snow Lady in containers for a portable splash of white.
• Mixed Flower Beds: Pair with colorful perennials like lavender or salvia for a striking contrast.
• Wildlife Gardens: Attract pollinators by mixing Snow Lady with other nectar-rich flowers.


Snow Lady Shasta Daisy is more than just a beautiful flower—it’s a versatile, low-maintenance addition to any garden that brings joy and elegance throughout the growing season. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, Snow Lady is a perfect choice for creating a stunning, pollinator-friendly landscape.

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