Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree

Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree

The Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree, also known as Prunus caroliniana, is a beautiful and versatile evergreen tree native to the southeastern United States. It is an ideal choice for gardeners looking for a fast-growing, easy-care tree that will provide year-round beauty and interest.

The Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree grows quickly, reaching a height of up to 40 feet and a width of up to 25 feet. It has a rounded shape with a dense canopy of glossy, dark-green leaves. In spring, the tree produces small, white flowers that attract beneficial pollinators. In the fall, small, black fruits appear that are loved by birds and other wildlife.

The Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree is an excellent choice for a variety of landscapes. It can be used as a specimen tree, a hedge or screen, or as a background for other plants. It is also popular for use in urban areas, as it is tolerant of air pollution and drought.

The Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree is easy to care for and requires little maintenance. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil, but it is also tolerant of a variety of soil types. This tree is also pest and disease resistant, making it an excellent choice for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance tree.

At HH Plant Nursery, you can purchase a Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree in a one-gallon size for just $29.99. This is a great price for a tree that will provide years of beauty and interest in your landscape.

Carolina Laurel Cherry Tree
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