Blue Java Ice Cream Banana
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Blue Java Ice Cream Banana

Blue Java Ice Cream Banana

Blue Java ice cream banana plants are native to Hawaii and other tropical areas, but are gaining popularity everywhere.  As the name implies, these bananas truly do taste like sweet vanilla ice cream.  They make a great addition to any food forest.  We have them everywhere around our permaculture garden.  The beautiful thing about growing banana plants is that they produce several pups a year. Banana plants are truly amazing, especially when they taste like ice cream.

How to Grow an Ice Cream Banana

Banana plants are heavy feeders and require frequent watering.  They do best on a routine watering schedule.  When the weather is warm, water every other day.  However, make sire that water doesn’t pool up at the base of the plant.  Ice cream banana plants require well draining soil.   We fertilize with worm castings and kelp, but they respond well to many types of fertilizer.  With a little care, you will be eating home grown ice cream bananas harvested from your garden.

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