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Thornless Texas Honey Mesquite

Thornless Texas Honey Mesquite

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Prosopis glandulosa thornless

Thornless Texas Honey Mesquite is a spreading deciduous tree with a fast-growth habit. This is a grafted, thornless selection of the Texas Honey Mesquite. It combines bright green foliage with smooth grey bark. The leaf canopy is spreading and lacy, providing ample filtered shade that supports the growth and flowering of under-story planting. When used as accent trees or individual specimens, trees are typically pruned up to highlight the graceful, twisted, multiple-trunk structure.

The Honey Mesquite is the first mesquite to break bud in the springtime. In addition, with this clone's synchronized bud break, the showy early spring foliage is an attractive, glossy, bright chartreuse green. Elongate, greenish-yellow, fragrant flowers 2" to 3" long begin appearing in March and may be seen as late as September. Flowers produce narrow, bright red to tan seed pods in summer. Plant in full sun and provide infrequent deep irrigation.

Height: 25'-35'
Spread: 30'-40'
Bloom: March-September
Light: Full Sun
Water: Low
Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Origin: southwestern United States, northern Mexico

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