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Texas Wisteria

Texas Wisteria

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Wisteria frutescens

Wisteria frutescens, also known as American Wisteria or Texas Wisteria, is a deciduous woody vine growing more than 40 feet long. It is native to Virginia, Illinois, Florida, and Texas and usually grows in moist thickets, swampy woods, pond peripheries, and stream borders.

This plant's main attraction is its beautiful, fragrant, pea-shaped, lilac-purple flowers that bloom in drooping clusters from April to May after the leaves have emerged. The flowers have a delicate and heavenly scent; if you're lucky, you might see an additional flush of blooms in the summer. The foliage consists of compound, odd-pinnate leaves, each with 9-15 lance-shaped leaflets.

Wisteria frutescens are easy to grow and maintain. It prefers to be planted in slightly acidic, humus-rich, moist soils in full sun to ensure the best flowering. Although the vines may produce flowers by the second or third year after planting, the first flowering may take longer. Regular pruning is necessary to control the plant's size and shape and encourage flowering. Pruning should be done in late winter or early spring before the new growth appears. An application of fertilizer in early spring can also help stimulate flowering.

This plant is picky about its growing site. It dislikes being transplanted, so you should select a location carefully. Unlike its aggressive relative, Wisteria Sinensis (Chinese wisteria), Texas Wisteria is less aggressive and not as much of a spreader. Add this beautiful and fragrant vine to your garden and enjoy the stunning flowers every spring!

Height: 15’-30'
Spread: 4’-8'
Bloom: April-May
Light: Full Sun
Water: Medium
Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Β 
Origin: Eastern U.S.

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