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Sugar Apple Annona squamosa Tree Seedling

Sugar Apple Annona squamosa Tree Seedling

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Sugar Apple Annona squamosa Tree Seedling

Have you ever seen a pale green or somewhat blue-green fruit that looks like a giant raspberry?  If you have then most likely you have seen a sugar apple fruit, otherwise known as sweetsop, or custard apple. This heart-shaped fruit is covered in segmented knobs that look almost like scales both on the inside and the outside, giving it a raspberry-like appearance. The fruit has a creamy white or light yellow flesh that has a pleasant aroma, and flavor that is very similar to custard.

The deciduous sugar apple trees range from 10 to 20 feet in height with an open, spreading, and upright growth habit. Their branches are long and slender, and the leaves are thin, dull to pale-green in color, hairy when young but smooth once they mature. The pendulous flowers of the Sugar Apple tree typically emerge in mid-to-late spring. The fruits are in season 3 to 4 months after flowering.

Sugar apples are usually eaten out of hand by detaching the fleshy segments from the peel and spitting the seeds out. It can also be pressed through a sieve and used as an ingredient in making ice cream. 

Your tree will be approximately 10 to 12 inches in height with well-developed roots.

These plants have been growing in 4” containers, but will be shipped without them. The roots will be protected with some soil and sealed in a plastic bag. They are ready to plant upon arrival.

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