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Suebelle White Sapote Tree 5 Gallon Size

Suebelle White Sapote Tree 5 Gallon Size

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Suebelle White Sapote Tree 5 Gallon Size

Although the White Sapote tree originated in Mexico and Central America, adventuresome Southern California gardeners have successfully grown it since the early part of this century. It does particularly well in our coastal valleys. The custard-like flesh of the yellowish-green, apple-shaped fruit is ultrasweet; the flavor has been described as a combination of banana and very sweet peach.

In most cases, this tree, a prodigious bearer of fruit, will start bearing in three to four years. The fruit usually ripens from late summer through November, although some varieties bear fruit almost constantly. The tree gets quite large--25 to 35 feet tall, with a spread of 30 feet. Its foliage is glossy green.

Suebelle’ is a classic white sapote that has been grown in Southern California for more than 50 years. It produces smooth, round, light-yellow fruit that weighs between three and six ounces. In many climatic zones ‘Suebelle’ bears fruit nearly all year round, and the flavor is excellent.

You will receive 1 seedling Suebelle White Sapote Tree.

  The trees will be between 2 to 3 feet in height. These  White Sapote trees have been growing in 5 gallon containers and are over two years old.

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