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Sierra Gold Dalea

Sierra Gold Dalea

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Dalea capitata

Also commonly known as Lemon Dalea, Sierra Gold Dalea is a low-mounding to spreading ground cover that produces a dense blanket of green foliage with a faint smell of lemon. Clusters of yellow flowers bloom in spring and fall. Often deciduous but will keep its foliage in mild winters. Prune back by half yearly or two in winter or early spring so it doesn't become rangy.

Attracts small butterflies such as Reakirt's Blue and small pollinating insects. Rabbits usually avoid this plant.

Height: 6"-12"
Spread 2'-4'
Bloom: Mar-May, Aug-Oct
Light: Full Sun, Part Sun
Water: Moderate
Zone: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Origin: Mexico

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