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Roughleaf Dogwood

Roughleaf Dogwood

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Cornus drummondii

Cornus drummondii, also known as rough-leaved dogwood, is a native dogwood species common in Texas and known to form thickets. It can grow up to 6-15 feet tall and wide, primarily in moist to wet locations. The elliptical to rough oval leaves above and below give the plant its common name.

In late spring, this plant produces tiny yellowish-white flowers in flat-topped clusters. The flowers resemble gray dogwood (Cornus racemosa) and lack the showy bracts of flowering dogwood (Cornus florida). These flowers are followed by clusters of white drupes that mature in late summer. The fruit is attractive to birds and is often considered more ornamental than the flowers. Twigs are reddish-brown. The fall color varies but may include quality shades of purple and red.

On average, rough-leaved dogwoods are easy to cultivate in medium to wet soils in full sun to partial shade. They are tolerant of a wide range of soils, including poor ones. In the wild, they can spread by underground stems to form large colonies.

Nectar Source Plant: Snout Butterfly ( Libytheana carinenta)

Height: 6’-15’
Spread 6’-15’
Bloom: May-June
Light: Full Sun, Part Shade, Dappled Shade
Water: Low, Medium
Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Origin: Eastern United States

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