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Rose Apple Tree Seedling

Rose Apple Tree Seedling

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Rose Apple Tree Seedling

Rose Apples are native to Malaysia and were first brought to Hawaii in 1852 from Brazil. The earliest known evidence of the this apple in Florida dates back to sometime before 1877. They are one of the many fruits that bears the name apple, but it’s not part of the malus domestica family.

Rose Apples have some very interesting characteristics. These trees are occasionally just as small as shrubs, but often grow to around 40 feet in height. They also have a spread that can be wider than the tree is tall. All in all, this makes for one imposing and large tree.

The Rose Apple’s white and slightly greenish flower “poof” is visually captivating and unmistakable to the variety. Its edible fruit is shaped like a small pear, with a mild rose aroma and crisp, watery flesh that is slightly bitter and tastes similar to bell pepper.

Your tree will be approximately 10 to 12 inches in height with well-developed roots.

These starter plants have been growing in 4” containers, but will be shipped without them. The roots will be protected with some soil and sealed in a plastic bag. They are ready to plant upon arrival.

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