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Prickly Pear 'Santa Rita'

Prickly Pear 'Santa Rita'

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Opuntia violacea santa-rita

'Santa Rita' is a blue prickly pear with lemon yellow flowers and long black spines. When stressed by drought or cold, it turns glowing purple.

All prickly pears love hot dry summers, need minimal water and can withstand some cold. In the Sonoran desert where this one originates, it sails through winter frost, even an occasional snowfall, and is hardy in zones 8-11. 

'Santa Rita' grows slowly to about 4 feet, forming nearly perfect circles. In cooler zones, it does fine in a large container, but does need full sun and minimal water. In areas with lots of rainfall, the violet coloration is infrequent and fleeting.

Height: 3'-4'
Spread: 4'-6'
Bloom: March-August
Light: Full sun
Water: Low
Zone: 8, 9, 10, 11
Origin: Texas, Mexico

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