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Peter's Purple Beebalm

Peter's Purple Beebalm

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Monarda fistulosa x bartlettii 'Peter's Purple'

Monarda 'Peter's Purple' is a natural hybrid of Monarda fitulosa 'Claire Grace' and Monarda barlettii that occurred in the garden of Texas native plant expert Peter Loos. It is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial with aromatic, lance-shaped leaves. It has terminal whorls of two-lipped, 2.5" lavender purple flowers. 

It does well in full sun but appreciates some afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Soils must remain moist but well-draining. Remove spent flowers to prolong bloom. Divide clumps every 3-4 years. This plant slowly spreads by rhizomes. 

Height: 3'-5'
Spread: 2'-3' 
Bloom:  June-August
Light: Full Sun, Part Shade
Water: Medium
Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9
Origin: Central & Southern U.S. & Northern Mexico

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