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Narrowleaf Globe Mallow - Pink

Narrowleaf Globe Mallow - Pink

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Sphaeralcea angustifolia

Sphaeralcea angustifolia, commonly known by names copper globemallow and narrow-leaved globemallow, is native to the southwestern United States as well as northern and central Mexico, where it grows in desert and plateau habitat. It produces many erect stems, approaching 6 ft tall in maximum height. It is woolly or felt-like in texture. The gray-green leaf blades are lance-shaped and have wavy or slightly lobed edges.

The flowers do not bloom regularly on the stem from bottom to top; new blossoms may appear high or low on the stem. The 5 petals are 1/2 inch long, and the flowers are cup-shaped. They usually bloom between June and November.

Height: 3’-6’
Spread: 2’-4’
Bloom: February-November
Light: Full Sun, Part Shade
Water: Low
Zone: 8, 9, 10, 11
Origin: Southwestern U.S., Mexico

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