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Five Edible Longevity Spinach (Gynura Procumbens) Cuttings

Five Edible Longevity Spinach (Gynura Procumbens) Cuttings

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Gynura Procumbens (Longevity Spinach)

Longevity Spinach is a perennial low maintenance, fast growing plant. The leaves are used in salads, soups, and can be made into teas as well. Several studies have shown that longevity spinach can be used as a helpful herbal dietary supplement to promote healthy levels of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.

You will receive 5 cuttings that are 5” to 8” tall and taken from a large healthy plant grown 100% organically in a backyard permaculture food forest. The cuttings will be shipped freshly cut, without soil, wrapped with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap. Most of the leaves will be removed.

Please soak the tips of the cuttings in water if unable to plant them right away. If planted, keep soil moist until established. In some occasions, the plant will appear wilted. Don't get alarmed as the plant will recover if given the time and if soil is kept moist. We have had great success with our cuttings; however we cannot guarantee that every cutting will root. Keep the soil moist and with a little patience, you should have a thriving plant. Longevity spinach loves the summer heat and grows like a weed when it is hot.

We want you to be successful and satisfied. If you're unhappy for any reason, before leaving feedback, contact us. Although we make every effort, weather and the postal service do not always cooperate. We will work with you to your satisfaction.

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