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Fall Obedient Plant

Fall Obedient Plant

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Physostegia virginiana

Obedient Plant thrives in wetter soils. The common name of this species has everything to do with its flowers and nothing with its behavior in the garden. It is a rhizomatous plant, so its root system will spread reasonably quickly underground. Anyone who has played around with its flower spikes will notice that individual flower stems will remain in whichever direction you point them.

This Plant is a beautiful species if you need a plant to fill in large spots around your yard. Like all members of the mint family, it produces copious amounts of nectar. Blooming late summer and well into fall, Obedient Plant provides a much-needed energy boost for pollinators facing the coming winter. The Narrow-leaved Obedient Plant has lighter pink flowers and blooms earlier, making it an excellent companion plant.

 Nectar Source Plant: Monarch Butterflies (Danaus spp.), Sulphur Butterflies (Colias spp.), Bumble Bees (Bombus spp.), Green Sweat Bees (Agapostemon spp.), Sweat Bees (Halictus spp., and Lasioglossum spp.), Yellow Faced Bees (Hylaeus spp.), and Hummingbirds.

Height: 4’
Spread: 1’-2’
Bloom: August, September
Light: Full sun, Part Shade, Full Shade
Water:  Moderate to High
Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Origin: North America from Quebec to Manitoba, South to Florida, and New Mexico

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