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Drummond Phlox - Mixed Blooms

Drummond Phlox - Mixed Blooms

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Phlox drummondii

Annual phlox or Drummonds Phlox is a showy annual. Usually 6-12" tall, this phlox can reach 20" in height. Its flowers, usually with a pale center, range in color from pink to red, white, peach, or lavender. The 1" blooms are in terminal clusters and are trumpet-shaped with a short, narrow tube. The leaves are soft, hairy and sticky. 

Provide fall, winter, and spring watering if the seasonal rains are sparse. The plant dies back after going to seed, so it is suggested you plant with summer and/or fall-blooming wildflowers. As with all annuals, it is essential that phlox is allowed to reseed for an abundant display the following year.

Height: 6"-1'
Spread: 6"-1'
Bloom: March-June
Light: Full Sun
Water: Medium
Zone: 2-11
Origin: Texas, naturalized in Southeastern U.S.

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