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Symphoricarpos orbiculatus

Coralberry is a dense, suckering, native Texas deciduous shrub typically occurring in open woods, fields, pastures, and thickets throughout the State. Spreads by runners to form impenetrable thickets in the wild. Naturally grows 2-5' tall with arching stems. Bell-shaped, white flowers with a pink tinge appear in summer along the branches in axillary clusters and spikes at the stem ends.

Flowers give way to clusters of round, coral-red berries (drupes), which mature in autumn. Berries persist through most of the winter, providing excellent color and interest to the winter landscape. Oval to elliptic bluish-green leaves (to 2.5" long). Berry-laden winter stems may be cut for indoor floral arrangements and are commonly called Indian currant.

Height: 2’-5'
Spread: 4’-8'
Bloom: June to July 
Light: Part Shade, Dappled Shade
Water: Medium
Zone: 7, 8, 9, 10
Origin: Texas, Southeastern U.S & Mexico

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