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Clover Fern

Clover Fern

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Marsilea macropoda

A quick-growing and unusual fern whose fronds look just like perfect four-leaf clovers, the Bigfoot Waterclover is nearly evergreen but goes dormant for a short period in winter or during dry periods. Under moist conditions, it readily develops into a vigorous low ground cover and easily adapts to sunny bogs or moist shade. It is easily maintained in containers and on the upper shelves of water gardens.

The Bigfoot Waterclover is a hardy perennial native to southern and central Texas as far north as Austin. If it starts to look bad, you can easily trim it back (like with a weedeater), and it will quickly regrow; this treatment is generally recommended about once a year to keep it looking its best. It can tolerate periodic dry spells once well-established but will look its best where it is in consistently moist soil.

Height: 6”-10”
Spread: 12”
Bloom: N/A
Light: Full sun, Part Shade, Full Shade
Water:  Moderate to High
Zone: 8, 9, 10
Origin: Endemic to Texas
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