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California Native Landscape Garden Bundle

California Native Landscape Garden Bundle

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Introduce a touch of native California into your landscape with our California Native Landscape Garden. This carefully curated collection of plants showcases the beauty and resilience of California's diverse plant life. Transform your outdoor space with low maintenance, waterwise options that thrive in your local climate.

This California Native plant landscape bundle includes 1 of each of the following low maintenance plants:

California Poppy

This California Native Landscape Garden Bundle includes the vibrant and drought-resistant California Poppy, giving your garden a burst of color and low-maintenance beauty. With its high percentage of germination and easy upkeep, this bundle is perfect for creating a stunning and sustainable landscape.


Create a drought-resistant and visually stunning garden with our California Native Landscape Garden Bundle. This bundle includes Coffeeberry, a native shrub that requires minimal water and attracts pollinators for a healthier ecosystem. Transform your landscape into a sustainable and beautiful escape with this bundle.

Apricot Mallow

This garden bundle features the beautiful Apricot Mallow, a native California plant that requires minimal maintenance and provides a pop of color to any landscape. With its hardy nature and stunning blooms, this plant is the perfect addition to any eco-conscious outdoor space.

Cleveland Sage

Cleveland Sage is a featured plant that embodies the stunning landscape of the state. Its aromatic scent and drought-resistant nature make it perfect for any garden. Bring a touch of California to your home today!

McMinn Manzanita

Maximize the beauty of your garden with our California Native Landscape Garden Bundle featuring Mcminn Manzanita. This drought-resistant plant boasts stunning red bark and delicate pink flowers, perfect for attracting wildlife and providing year-round interest. Expertly curated for a thriving, low-maintenance garden.

All plants are one gallon size.

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