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Artemisia 'Prairie'

Artemisia 'Prairie'

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Artemisia ludoviciana

Artemisia ludoviciana, commonly known as Prairie Sage or White Sagebrush, is native throughout North America from Canada to Mexico. It is commonly called white sagebrush because of the appearance of its foliage. Spreading by rhizomes, Prairie Sage can form dense colonies that give a distinctive silver-green accent to large plantings on sunny sites with mesic to dry soil. Its stems and foliage are covered with woolly gray or white hairs and topped by nodding clusters of yellowish disk flowers that bloom through summer. 

These flowers attract many pollinators. Prairie Sage is also one of the host plants for the American Lady and the Painted Lady. 

Best grown in well-drained soils in full sun. Plants perform poorly in moist to wet soils where they are susceptible to root rot. If foliage declines or stems flop in summer, plants may be sheared to revitalize. Plants may spread somewhat aggressively in the garden by rhizomes and by self-seeding. Prompt removal of flower heads as they appear prevents self-seeding.

Height: 2’-3’
Spread 2’-3’
Bloom: August-September
Light: Full Sun
Water: Low, Medium
Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Origin: western United States, Mexico
Deer Resistant: Yes

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