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American Smoke Tree

American Smoke Tree

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Cotinus obovatus

The American smoke tree, scientifically known as Cotinus obovatus, is a deciduous and rounded tree native to Texas. It grows up to 20-30 feet tall and can also be a large, upright shrub. Despite its name, the smoke tree is not named after its tiny, insignificant, yellowish-green flowers that bloom in June. Rather, it gets its name from the billowy hairs that turn a smoky pink to purplish pink in summer, which are attached to elongated stalks on the spent flower clusters, thus covering the tree with fluffy, hazy, smoke-like puffs. The species name suggests that the bluish-green leaves are obovate. During the fall, the foliage turns various colors such as yellow, red, orange, and reddish-purple, producing some of the best fall colors of any native American trees and shrubs.

Height: 20’-30’
Spread 20’-30’
Bloom: May-June
Light: Full Sun
Water: Moderate
Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Origin: Southern United States
Deer Resistant: Yes

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