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4 Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Trees

4 Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Trees

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Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Tree

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry is prized for being one of the best Mulberry varieties for the Northwest and other regions of the US, Illinois Everbearing Mulberry is prized for its tasty, 1-1/2″ long fruit and its long ripening season, late June until early fall.

Exotic, sweet, and delicious, Mulberries are very popular in Central Asia and the Middle East. Now you can grow and enjoy this juicy and nutritious fruit! Mulberry fruit resembles a Blackberry and is delicious eaten fresh. It can also be dried for tasty winter snacks.

Mulberries are pest and disease resistant and form an attractive, small tree with dark green, tropical foliage. Along the ancient Silk Road in Central Asia, Mulberries are widely grown for their foliage, which is used to feed silkworms.

You will receive 4 Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Trees.

Your plants will be shipped with the roots covered in soil and dampened in a small plastic bag and ready to plant upon arrival. These starter plants will be approximately 4” to 5” in height.

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