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4 Bay Leaf Laurus nobilis Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay Trees

4 Bay Leaf Laurus nobilis Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay Trees

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Bay Leaf Laurus nobilis Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay Tree

You will receive 4 rooted plants that are approximately 2 to 3 inches tall.

Sweet Bay is an evergreen tree or shrub in the laurel family native to the Mediterranian area. In its native habitat, it can reach up to 60 feet tall. In NC it is generally grown in a container as a patio or houseplant and is much smaller. The aromatic leaves are used in cooking such as soups and pasta. It has separate male and female plants with only the female ones producing the berry-like drupes.

Growing Bay Leaf Trees

Sweet Bay tolerates a variety of well-drained soil types in full sun to partial shade. It grows slowly but has been used as a hedge or as a topiary. It needs to be brought indoors in the winter in areas colder than zone 8b to prevent frost damage.  

Use it as a small tree in an herb garden, or plant several for a screen or a privacy hedge.  It can be pruned into a topiary.  Its evergreen leaves and fissured dark gray bark make it an excellent choice as a specimen for shady locations and also give it good winter interest.  



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