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2 Sweet Magnolia Fig Trees (ficus carica)

2 Sweet Magnolia Fig Trees (ficus carica)

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Sweet Magnolia Fig Tree (ficus carica)

Magnolia is the most popular fig for commercial production and canning due to its sweet flavor and reliable production. Rough textured leaves that are heavily lobbed create a topical appearance. Elongated figs have a smooth purplish black skin with a light strawberry pink fleshy interior and a pleasantly sweet flavor.

The fruit is resistant to mold, rotting, splitting after rain and fig rust (fungal disease of leaves). Really first class! Vigorous, robust and fast growing tree. This fig seems to need a long season to ripen itโ€™s fruit well, so it seems most suited to a southern location. Cold hardiness is good but needs winter protection in zones 6-7.

You will receive 2 Magnolia Fig rooted plants.

Your plants will be shipped with the roots covered in soil and dampened in a small plastic bag and ready to plant upon arrival.ย The plants will be approximately 4โ€ to 5โ€ in height.

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