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Vick’s Plant

Vick’s Plant

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Vick’s Plant

Vicks Plant - Plectranthus Verticillatus - Live Starter - Succulent Coleus Plectranthus Tomentosa Plectranthus zatarhendii - evergreen plant

P. tomentosa is both succulent and hardy. The species name "tomentosa" is Latin for 'cushion stuffing,' and it refers to the tomentum, or the woolly coating on the leaves. You can tell by looking at the overall plant that its a pretty juicy plant. Given its succulent-like nature, I've found that it grows best in full sun but can tolerate partial shade, as I have specimens growing both in south- and north-facing windows. It's a relatively quick grower and can get fairly leggy, so if you want it to be more robust, I would cut it back fairly often.

Vick’s Plant Uses

The oval leaves are rounded and fleshy, and give off the aroma of Vick's Vapor Rub when rubbed or crushed. This strong menthol odor does a good job at repelling mosquitoes. This succulent herb is a must for attracting bees and butterflies. Easy to propagate, and blooms in early spring and early fall.

Growing Vick’s Plant

You'll want a well-draining soil for your Vicks plant because it prefers succulent-like conditions. I mixed together 1 part peat moss with 1 part succulent soil mix. Water it well about once every week or two and then let it drain. In the winter months, you can water it even less. 

Propagation is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is take stem cuttings, and as I shared earlier, this specimen can get pretty stemmy, so it doesn't mind getting a haircut :). Make sure that you have 2-4 leaf nodes on a stem and snip the cutting 1/4" below the nodes. It's easy for this plant to get waterlogged, so put your cutting into a moistened growing medium (a potting soil-vermiculite mix will do!). Then let it sit near a windowsill so it can get some diffuse sunlight. You should see the cutting take root in around three weeks time.


You will receive 1 Vick’s  starter plant that has been growing in a 4 inch container.  The plant will be shipped without the container. The soil ball will be dampened and covered in plastic.

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