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1 Thornless Blackberry Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry Plant

1 Thornless Blackberry Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry Plant

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Thornless Blackberry Prime Ark Freedom Plant

You will receive 1 thornless Prime Ark blackberry rooted plant that is about 4 to 5 inches tall.

Prime-Ark offers exceptional fruit size and flavor combined with disease resistance and tolerance of heat and humidity. You'll get crops early in the season, and where the climate is right, a second flush of fruit in the fall. Reaches 5 to 6 ft. at maturity.

The first thornless self-pollinating, primocane-fruiting variety - produces very large, flavorful, attractive purple-black berries on year-old canes very early in the season and on first year canes late in the season, providing two crops of delicious fruit each growing season. An excellent variety for home gardens in cool summer regions, ideal for fresh eating

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